Resonance Audio Unity SDK API Reference

These are the reference pages for the Unity API.


ResonanceAudio This is the main Resonance Audio class that communicates with the native code implementation of the audio system.
ResonanceAudioAcousticMesh A class to hold the duplicated mesh of a mesh filter or a terrain, as well as the surface materials assigned to the triangles.
ResonanceAudioListener Resonance Audio listener component that enhances AudioListener to provide advanced spatial audio features.
ResonanceAudioMaterialMapper Resonance Audio material mapper scriptable object that holds the mapping from GUIDs to surface materials (which define the acoustic characteristics of surfaces).
ResonanceAudioMaterialMapperUpdater Resonance Audio material mapper updater.
ResonanceAudioReverbProbe Resonance Audio reverb probe component that acts as a sample point where the reverb properties are computed by casting rays that interact with surrounding geometries and collecting them back.
ResonanceAudioRoom Resonance Audio room component that simulates environmental effects of a room with respect to the properties of the attached game object.
ResonanceAudioRoomManager A class that manages the room effects to be applied to spatial audio sources in the scene.
SurfaceMaterialDictionary A serializable dictionary class that maps surface materials from GUIDs.
ResonanceAudioSource Resonance Audio source component that enhances AudioSource to provide advanced spatial audio features.