Developing with Resonance Audio

Get started developing with Resonance Audio.

Developer advantages

Resonance Audio is powerful spatial audio technology optimized for performance and multi-platform support.

Advanced audio engineering features

Resonance Audio goes beyond basic 3D spatialization, providing powerful tools for accurately modeling complex sound environments.

The SDK enables:

  • Sound source directivity customization
  • Near-field effects
  • Sound source spread
  • Geometry-based reverb
  • Occlusions
  • Recording of Ambisonic audio files

Cross-platform support

Resonance Audio SDKs integrate seamlessly with the most popular game engines, audio engines, and digital audio workstations (DAWs), letting you focus on creating more immersive audio.


Resonance Audio delivers high fidelity spatial audio at scale on mobile and desktop.


Resonance Audio internally projects all sound sources into a global high-order Ambisonic soundfield. This allows head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) to be applied just once to the soundfield rather than to individual sound sources within it.

This optimization keeps the CPU costs per sound source at a minimum, allowing playback of many more simultaneous sources than most traditional per-sound-source spatialization techniques.


Ambisonic order in Resonance Audio is adjustable, letting you control spatial resolution. Using higher-order Ambisonics gives you higher fidelity output and better direct source localization.

Resonance Audio’s digital signal processing algorithms are optimized to spatialize hundreds of simultaneous 3D sound sources without compromising audio quality, even on mobile.

Get Started with Resonance Audio

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  • Installing Resonance Audio software and adding it to your projects
  • Developer guidance for fine-tuning configurations
  • Game engine integration for plugins

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